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Wild Woman Circle

Welcome Wild Woman

What is a wild woman?

A wild woman is determined to explore the depths of her soul in her search for inner freedom. She is darkness as much as she is light and she is not afraid to show you both. She needs no permission from others to be who she wants to be. She listens and follows the calling from deep within herself. I believe there is a wild woman in all of us.

The vibrations of a wild heart are so strong that they always make a wild woman choose love over fear. Her heart will always lead her back home.

Welcome wild woman in this modern world, where sometimes  the connection with each other, the earth and the universe seems lost.

I invite you to find your sisters, to gather in this Wild Woman Circle.

To hold space for each other, celebrate life and make this earth a better place for us all. It is time my sister, time to awaken your inner wild woman.

Each month at full moon you are welcome at the Wild Woman Circle from 19.30-21.00 at Lady-Loft/Buitenplaats de Wiske, De Wiske 2, Achlum.

Date 2019-2020: november 12, december 12, january 10, february 9, march 9, april 8 and may 7.

Each circle will have his own moon-theme.

What will we be doing: divination, crystal-therapy, rituals, meditation, nature-ceremonies and above all celebrating life and enjoying sisterhood.

Your contribution: Euro 7,00 per person & dress at your best. 😉

With Love, Agatha Rosa Maria 💕

If you like to join: of 06-53962441